Introducing Monsters of Ohio

My new book Monsters of Ohio and is a comprehensive examination of the various creatures of cryptozoology, folklore and urban legend that have been sighted, rumored, hoaxed, reported on or otherwise written about throughout the state of Ohio’s history.

These include well-known monsters of like The Lake Erie Monster, the prehistoric serpent said to patrol the state’s north coast; West Virginia’s famed Mothman, who made several flying forays into southeastern Ohio in the late 1960s; The Loveland Frogmen, the humanoid frogs seen in the Cincinnati suburb in the 1970s; and various versions of Bigfoot-like creatures, including The Grassman, The Minerva Monster, The Norwalks Ape, Richland County’s Big Head and the notorious monster of lovers’ lane, Orange Eyes.  

There are also lesser-known local legends, like the dinosaurian Crosswick Monster that was said to have attacked a boy in Warren County in 1882; The Peninsula Python, the huge, mystery snake that terrorized the Summit County village during the summer of 1944; the Defiance Wolfman, an animal-headed human that set off a wave of hysteria in the northwestern Ohio town 1972; and The Melonheads, huge-headed humanoids said to roam t he woods in Lake and Geauga Counties.  

Monsters of Ohio tackles the tales of thirteen different creatures at some length in its first thirteen chapters, and concludes with a fourteenth chapter devoted to miscellaneous monsters that have appeared in the state at one point or another, but either didn’t stick around long enough to generate a substantial body of lore or that might be shared with other neighboring states.

The book is set for a November 10th release.

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